How To Access ePCR Run Sheet
Once selected as destination facility by EMS/Fire, ePCR Run Sheets can be accessed in Hospital Hub inside E*TRACS, as shown below.
Hospital Hub supports an overall decreased workload for locating ePCR Run Sheets by linking Fire/EMS to hospitals. The E*TRACS Hospital Hub whiteboard shares inbound patient data with receiving hospitals, as shown below.
Click here for a Hospital Hub demonstration. Password is NCT.HH15.
Our regional PDCA Project Participants requested Hospital Hub as a silo for all regional ePCRs that also has capability to enable EMS feedback loop closure.
By end of 2015, the goal is to have 30% of our regional NCTTRAC EMS/Fire agencies using Hospital Hub for real-time EMS/Fire patient data transfer to destination hospitals.
Currently, Grapevine FD, Cooke County EMS, Richardson FD and Sherman FD are ‘live’ on HH for 32 hospitals regionally.
Possum Kingdom, Careflite - Air, Careflite - Ground, Lewisville FD and 23+ ESO agencies are in process of establishing an Application Program Interface (API) to ‘go-live’ with HH. Regardless of ePCR vendor, an EMS/Fire agency can grant hospitals access to run sheets inside Hospital Hub Virtual Whiteboard by establishing an Application Program Interface (API).
Both EMS and Hospital benefits from HH include:
  • Decreased EMS manual data submissions to REG*E;
  • Outcome feedback to EMS (future state: Outcome feedback back to transfer hospital);
  • Access of all vendor ePCRs via one user account;
  • Exchange of ePCRs more real-time and inbound; and
  • Enhanced bi-directional communication for improved multi-disciplinary collaboration to improve outcomes.
For further questions, REG*E Support staff at or 817.607.7013.
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