Welcome to the North Central Texas RAC!
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Welcome to the North Central Texas RAC Community open forum!
NOTE: A new user account will need to be created to access the RAC Community forum.
In Community, RAC members will be able to interact with each other about various topics. Based on the rules set up by the Community Manager, members will be able to post new threads, reply to threads and even comment directly on individual posts. Members will also be able to indicate whether or not they agree with what the author has to say by casting an up or down vote on each thread and post.
Three types of threads that can be created in the Community: Ideas, Problems, and Questions. Each type has a unique set of statuses that indicate the progression of the topic being discussed in the main post. For Ideas and Problems, an employee can change the status simply by clicking on the status label in the header of the main post. For Questions, an employee or the original poster may mark a reply as the answer to their question, which then automatically updates the status of that thread.
The ability to add tags and categories to each thread provide an easy method for finding posts on a particular topic. When creating a thread, the author may add their own new tags to the system, choose from existing tags that are displayed while they are typing, or choose from a category tag that is always displayed in the tag area while creating a new thread.
For administrators, it's easy to add category tags, modify permissions, or disable the Community feature entirely. You simply log into the management interface, navigate to Brand settings under Organization, and select the Community tab.

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Welcome aboard to the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC).
Since 1994, NCTTRAC has been focused on supporting and improving our emergency healthcare system through prevention, education, advocacy, research, preparedness, and response. The goal is to reduce morbidity for the 19-counties around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, basically 27% of the population of Texas. Goals are achieved via collaborative efforts between 167 hospitals and an estimated 200 EMS/Fire agencies, VFDs and First Responders. 
As you come on-board, here are some topic-related points of interest for easy reference:
  • Knowledge Base: for User Manuals, How-To help guides, Data Dictionaries, etc.
  • News: REG*E system updates, process enhancements, and software outages
  • Tickets: help desk tickets for Crisis Applications, REG*E, Website Calendar, and SPI referrals
  • Community: open topic discussion forum, Project document silo, etc.
. For REG*E (both Patient Registry and State Bridge) locate real-time virtual training at ImageTrend University
. REG*E webinar training at http://helpdesk.ncttrac.org/news/12/rege-training.aspx
Please add more as you see what is most useful when you were new to the RAC.
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